Laptops & Smalltalk is a resource for emerging and independent fashion designers and brands dedicated to bridging the gap between business and emerging fashion. 

We started Laptops & Smalltalk in response to a need in the fashion community. There are many talented designers and creators who have great ideas, awesome products and a lot of passion for what they do. The problem, however, is that many people struggle to turn their passion into a profitable business. At Laptops & Smalltalk, we empower the fashion industry and our community by giving creative entrepreneurs the necessary tools to transform their creative passion into a thriving and successful business.

By bridging the gap between business and emerging fashion, we strive to be a source of education and inspiration for fashion entrepreneurs both online and offline. Our goal is to help fashion creatives and business owners live their passion by doing what they love.

Need help building and growing your business? Our parent company, Arreis, provides emerging fashion designers and brands with brand strategy, digital marketing and PR services. 

Learn more about Arreis, here. 

Hi, I'm Brittany Sierra and I'm the Founder of Laptops & Smalltalk and Owner of Arreis. With an educational background in business and years of experience in marketing, social media, brand development and media relations, I have a really deep passion for helping entrepreneurs and small business owners create profitable businesses that allow them to live their passion on their own terms.

I started Laptops & Smalltalk as a passion project and a way to bridge my love of business and fashion. Originally, Laptops & Smalltalk was going to be a monthly meet-up and occasional workshop/panel discussion where fashion creatives could bring their laptops (hence the name) network, collaborate and discuss current projects. However, as my desire to truly impact my community and inspire emerging designers grew, so did my vision for what I wanted to create. In four short months my original idea of creating monthly events grew into an online platform, industry interviews, downloads and ebooks, and workshops.

The most exciting thing for me since launching Laptops & Smalltalk is that whether its from our blog, our posts on Instagram, or our events, creative entrepreneurs and emerging fashion designers are getting real benefit and value from what we're doing. I'm excited for the road ahead and can't wait to see where it leads. Join us on our journey. Let's grow together!

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