10 Things to Post On Instagram As a Fashion Designer

"I don't know what to post on Instagram!" 

I hear this from designers all the time but here's the thing, as a designer and a fashion creative, there are so many things you can post on Instagram but first, you have to change your mindset of what "interesting" is.

Many designers tell me that their day-to-day isn't "interesting enough" and that's why they don't have anything to post. #SoNotTrue

One of the many reasons why people love Instagram is that it gives us a behind the scenes look at some of our favorite brands. The things that may seem ordinary to you are really interesting to someone else who is interested in your brand.

Coffee is pretty ordinary, right? I'm drinking a cup right now along with half the population of #bossbabes and #bossdudes in the world. But, this is a pretty cool picture, right? If I posted this on Instagram you'd like it right? (I actually did post this picture so go like it kay? lol). 

The people who are following you already think you're interesting and they want to see what happens in your world behind the scenes. So show them! 

From left to right, top to bottom, here are 10 things you can post on Instagram as a fashion designer to grow your brand. 

 Source: @karinagraves2                                                                                                                                                                                                 @sarabergmanapparel

Source: @karinagraves2                                                                                                                                                                                                 @sarabergmanapparel

Why: Think about why you follow celebrities and big design houses on Instagram. It’s probably because you enjoy getting a glimpse into their world. People love to feel like they have the inside scoop. By sharing your world with your followers you’re giving them access into what goes on in your biz and allows you to share with them something that’s normally kept secret. 

How: Post a picture of your workspace/studio, BTS at a photoshoot, meeting with a client, fabric and supply shopping. 


Why: Let’s audience see what your garment or designs look like on. Plus, who doesn’t like model pics. 

How: Post photos from lookbooks, someone wearing product, professional photoshoots. TIP: the model doesn’t have to be professional. When I had my jewelry business back in college I had my roommates and friends model my jewelry. 

Why: User-generated-content is content that’s created by your customers. When someone buys a pair of earrings from you and posts it online, that’s user generated content. UGC is great for business and can increase sales because it’s not just you saying your product is great. It’s proven true by a happy customer posting. It also encourages customers to post their pics of your product in hopes of being featured.

How: Create a hashtag for customers to share (an example @sorelfootwear uses #sorelstyle) and repost pictures. Make sure to tag and give credit to who posted and, make sure the pictures fits in with the aesthetic of your feed. 


Why: Do you have employees? An intern? Do you wear pink on Wednesdays or pig out on donuts during Friday meetings? Snap a pic. People love seeing the BTS of your business and the faces behind the magic. 

How: Post team pics, #studiolife and #worklife usies. 


Why: Sharing your inspiration with your audience may inspire them as well. If nothing else, it gives them a glimpse into your world and helps them get to know the person behind the brand. 

How: Post pictures that inspired your newest collection or quotes and people that inspire you. Use the caption to explain why. 


Why: Showing the lifestyle of your product allows your audience to see themselves in your post and how they would use your product or, if you offer a service, what it would be like to work with you. Lifestyle shots tell your story while also appealing to their emotional tendencies. 

How: Post a picture of someone wearing your designs or using your product.


Why: Show love to an industry friend, business bestie or someone you’d like to collaborate with in the future. This opens the door to future collaborations and, they just might return the favor. 

How: Repost something they posted that inspires you or that you really like. 


08 /  YOU
Why: Every now and then it may be a good idea to post a picture of yourself. Why? Believe it or not, more and more consumers are becoming interested in the people behind the brand. This shows that there’s a real person behind the brand and gives your audience a chance to learn a bit about you. 

How: Post a selfie, or a picture of you in your element creating. If you’ve shown your designs in a fashion show you can post a picture of you doing the final walk or, a magazine article written about you. In the caption, you can talk about what inspired you to start your business and how you got started. 


Why: Share with your audience the process of creating a garment or pair of earrings start to finish. This helps shares your story with your community and gives them the BTS look at your business. Plus, it’s really cool. 

How: Snap a picture of you cutting the fabric, another one of an unfinished garment on a mannequin and finally a photo of it on a model. 


10 /  TOOLS
Why: Your sewing machine, fabrics, jewelry supplies, clothing racks...etc, might seem like ordinary tools to you, but to someone outside of your business, it can be really fun to see. Get creative with how you compose and take the picture to add appeal and interest.

How: Post a picture of your sewing machine, cup of coffee, drafting table, fabrics, beads, what ever you use to work.  

The things that may seem "ordinary" to you are really interesting to someone else who is interested in your brand. People are curious and love getting to see behind the curtain of the brands they're interested in.