4 Things to Do for Your Business Before the New Year

4 things to do for your fashion business to end the year strong before the new year - laptops and smalltalk.jpg

It's hard to believe that we're quickly approaching the end of another year. It feels like fall barely just began and already it's the middle of December and people are making NYE plans. Crazy, right?!

If your year was anything like mine you may be eager to close up shop and enjoy the break until the new year, however before you do here are 4 things you should do for your fashion business before the year is up. 


Make a list of all the successes, both big and small you had this past year. Did you finally launch your dream business? Make your first sale? Did you make more sales this year than last year? Did you create and stick to an editorial calendar for your blog? Did you grow your newsletter list? Get more followers on social media? Create a strategy that worked for you? Write it all down.

Sometimes as entrepreneurs we tend to focus so intensely on the where we want to be and where we want to go that we don’t stop to acknowledge our victories. This can cause us to fall out of love with our business and to feel burnt out. Before the new year, take some time to make a list and acknowledge ALL your successes, no matter how small. 


One of the best things you can do for your business is to actively pay attention to what’s working and what’s not working and make adjustments accordingly.

Did you invest in Facebook ads that didn’t increase sales? Did you participate in a pop-up that resulted in lots of new customers and increased Instagram followers? Did you partner with a local blogger that increased your brand awareness and viability? Did you run a sale or offer free shipping on all orders that actually ended up costing you money rather than making money

Keep a running list on your phone or in a GoogleDoc that shares what you’ve done this past year that’s been successful and not so successful and use that data to create a flawless marketing strategy next year based on previous success to increase your chances of making sales. If something didn’t yield the results you wanted this year, how can you tweak it to make it better next year? If something was a success, do it again next year...but better! 


Not only do goals give you something to work towards, but they also give you a game plan and essentially a step-by-step guide to growing your business by working backwards. For example, let’s say you took a look at your finances and realized that you need to increase your monthly sales by $500 in order to work for yourself full-time. Your goal is to increase monthly sales by $500. The next step after setting the goal is to determine how are you going to increase sales each month? Will you run specials, collaborate with bloggers and other brands? Participate in popups? What’s your plan to make that happen?

Before the year is up, set a few goals for yourself and then work backwards to determine everything you need to do in order to achieve that goal and make it a reality. To get you started, feel free to download a FREE copy of our 2018 Vision & Goals Planner! This 30-page instant download was designed to give you clarity in your vision and help you discover, visualize and achieve your goals by providing you with a clear and actionable plan for success.


Entrepreneurship can sometimes feel like a little lonely but you certainly don’t do it all by yourself. From business partners, to employees, mentors and business aquantinces, don’t let the year end without thanking those who’ve helped you throughout the year.