A question I hear a lot from fashion entrepreneurs is, “how can I use Instagram to make sales?”

You’re getting likes on your pictures, you have a 1,000+ followers and people are commenting that they like your products and designs but they aren’t buying. Over the weekend I was chatting with a good friend of mine, who is also a local fashion designer when she asked, “do I really need a marketing strategy for Instagram? I mean, If I just post pretty pictures consistently and get a ton of followers isn’t that a marketing strategy?”

I love you girl but, nah.

Posting “pretty” pictures and being consistent are definitely pieces of the puzzle but by no means are they the only factors that go into making sales from Instagram.

Think about your own business.  You’ve been posting on Instagram for X amount of days, X amount of months and X amount of years. Are you making consistent sales from Instagram? Are you making enough money to leave your 9-to-5 and work your business full time? Can you pay your bills and yourself with the amount of money you’re making from your business and still live comfortably? If the answer is no, then you’ve answered your question.

Simply posting to Instagram alone is not a marketing strategy. The strategy comes when you think about the results you want and intentionally do things to achieve that goalA marketing strategy is figuring out what your message is and telling it in a way that your audience can identify with and relate to.

Many people confuse having a lot of Instagram followers with success but unfortunately, that is not always true. Sure there are fashion brands that have thousands of followers and are making good sales, however, there are quite a few designers that have a large following on Instagram but are still working a second job to support their business and passion.

 A good marketing strategy helps you to grow your business, increase brand awareness and make sales without coming off as “salesey” or pushy.  There are so many businesses and brands using Instagram and social media to sell their products and services that simply posting pretty pictures is not enough. If you’re using social media as a selling tool, you need to be strategic.

I know you started your business because you wanted to be able to do what you love full-time. But in order to do that and to live your purpose, you have to be able to make sales. If you’re currently posting on Instagram but aren’t seeing sales, chances are you either haven’t created a marketing strategy for your business and need to, or, there’s something missing in your current strategy.

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