Meet Alexis, our new PR/Marketing Intern! 

What are you studying in school?

I am a marketing & advertising double major at Portland State University's School of Business. I decided my major while studying abroad for a year in Santiago, Chile. While abroad I was able to take the time to think about what I wanted to major in, and I am really happy with the choice I made.

What made you want to intern for Laptops & Smalltalk?

Digital marketing is what interests me the most, as well as working with emerging businesses to help them succeed. My family owns their own business back in Alaska, so I understand how much hard work and motivation you need to have in order to be successful. Being able to learn what works for people trying to make it in the fashion industry is an amazing opportunity and I am really excited for this experience!

How would you describe your personal style?

My style is very feminine chic. I draw a lot of inspiration from classic fashion icons like Audrey Hepburn and Anne Bancroft. I love the way they looked so beautiful in a seemingly effortless way. Fall is my favorite season so I am breaking out a lot of bold solid colors with different accessories. You will almost always catch me in a pair of booties with a fun scarf if you see me around Portland.

What are your 3 favorite emojis and why?

The salsa dancing woman in the red dress, because whenever I pull out a sassy remark I deem it necessary to include her. The smiling purple devil, because people know I mean business when I add that to any text. My absolute favorite emoji is the yellow face rolling their eyes up. Sometimes I am feeling so dramatic and at a loss for words that I need that emoji to let others know how I am feeling at that point of time. It's also a good reply to any sassy comments thrown your way.

What's the last song you sang out loud?

I recently sang (or screamed) “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” with my friends at Karaoke night in downtown. It’s very safe to say, I had a lot of fun.