There's a saying in Portland amongst the Fashion community that simply says, "better together." While sometimes, all in good spirits, people poke fun at the Pinterest worthy saying (and sometimes, we do too), there is a lot of truth in these simple words. 

Ultimately, above all, we created Laptops & Smalltalk as a way to contribute our love of business and fashion to the global industry and to specifically strengthen the Portland apparel community. We strive to empower the fashion industry and our community by giving creative entrepreneurs the necessary tools to grow and transform the business.  

But, it's not just about us.

All aspects of business: design & development, production & supply, PR & marketing, sales & distribution, are ALL important to creating a successful fashion business.  

Whether you're looking for a pattern maker, samples, access to equipment, help with budgets etc, here are 7 Portland-based fashion resources to help you on your entrepreneurial journey. This isn't a list of every fashion related business in Portland but rather a select few that we admire, work with and/or highly recommend.